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Once upon a time, people all over the world were able to download music to their computers at no charge. If you liked a particular song, perhaps the one hit of a "one hit wonder," and you didn't want to spend $20 on their cd, you could hop online and get free music downloads. This era was a happy time for many. No longer were the masses subjected to the rising costs of cds and concert tickets or the greedy desires of large corporate record companies! The general feeling was that if you could tape a song from the radio with no objections from the music industry then why couldn't you do the same thing from your computer?

Metallica answered that question for us when, with guitars aflame and egos high, they brought a lawsuit against a popular website where anyone could get free music downloads. Metallica thought that each person who downloaded their music for free off the internet was in reality a potential customer and could have cold, hard cash to exchange for their songs. They wanted to make free music downloads a thing of the past. The members of Metallica were not the only musicians to file suit or raise their fists against free music downloads, they are just viewed as the first.

Whether or not offering or obtaining free music downloads has actually harmed the group or their net worth remains to be seen. So far there have been no reports of ex-Metallica members wandering the streets penniless and rambling about where they can download a free job or meal. Until that day comes and the horrors of downloading free music become evident people everywhere will no doubt find a way to get what they want without paying for it. That seems to be the American dream anyway, so why are we enacting laws against this behavior? The general public has little sympathy for the high rollers in the music industry. In fact, once a group has reached the level of being a household name, we pretty much assume that they all have mansions made of gold and jewel-encrusted vehicles. The music celebrities who show off what their paychecks have supplied them with on shows like MTV's "Cribs" don't leave a whole lot of room for sympathy.

But questions remain: is downloading music off of the internet without paying for it immoral? Should it be illegal? When it is the record companies and not the artists that see most of the $20 you spend on a cd, does it really hurt the musicians if you obtain their material through free music downloads? Many music artists say "no" by adding links on their websites from which you can get free music downloads. If you are a rebel and want your music now and you want it free, there are websites out there for you. But be aware - there are some people out there that will not be very forgiving if you get caught. The final question would then be: what are your chances of getting caught? Either way, download with caution. Big brother may be watching. - Free music downloads, music utilities and software downloads. News and information on artists, hardware and portable players.
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